Restless Comet Diary
2003-01-28 18:22:55 (UTC)

Catre ingerul din vis

Mi-as fi dorit sa am aripile tale
Asa cum le-am avut azi-noapte
Alergam sa prind un fluturas
Si linistea ma-nconjura cu soapte

Si toata dragostea din univers
S-a revarsat in valuri catre mine
Iar eu simteam ca niciodata
Inima-mi cantand si alergand spre tine
(Poem wrote by's about the angel from my dream)

Today was a pretty nice day....The english contest was
delayed and now we're taking it on Sunday
Tomorrow there is the Psichology exam and I hope I'll do
fine.I'm not even nervous anymore.I've been to Sean's class
and he finally realised I was right and he was wrong.Now I
gotta tutor him because he wants to learn romanian language.
He told me the test our teacher gave us in english it's
really mean because that kind of grammar gives headaches
even to him ( be realistic he is
native English speaker...duh!!!)
Now I've got a lot of stuff to do....I even took that
physics test and I didn't do so well:(
Well...but as Alex goes on...oh..speaking
about Alex...he is coming with me to the contest after
all...poor him he was so sad today......I've never seen him
like that..his grandma died 3 days ago and today he went to
the funerals..this is so sad.....death is scary to
me ...but I guess you gotta accept only happens
once in a lifetime hehe..
I gotta go right study for the I
gotta convince my grandma to give me the horses wall
calendar(I wanna give it to my deskmate..she loves
horses...maybe I'd make her happy),plus alex is gonna call I gotta do Alina's composition and homework @[email protected]