No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-01-28 18:04:24 (UTC)

Plans crashed, Getting lost

Hey! Well, I'm sitting in 4th Period doing a whole lot of
nothing...suppose to be researching. oops! lol. I'm suppose
to be getting information for my history project...we'll
get it done. I'm not too worried about it. *sigh*
All my plans were crashed today. GRRR. Oh freaking well.
*sigh* angered, but you know. I'll get over it.
I got lost during a fire drill. lol. Laugh, go ahead. It's
alright. I left class, caught up with Terry and Jess,
Clayton, Ryan and I walked with him. We weren't paying
attention and we lost our class. So when we got to the area
with all the classes, we decided to find the rest of the
class. We caught up with about 7 other people. I think only
1/4 the class was with the teacher. Mrs. Miller yelled at
us back in the classroom and held us after the bell. She
was telling us it's her fault, not ours. But, yeah. I got
lost at a fire drill. It was great
Hmm...anything else? I dont think so. I'm gunna go...later.