Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-17 02:00:51 (UTC)


Hey everyone ~
Whats up ? Not much here! I am writing for the last time
tonight !!!!!! I am talking to Adam ! :) ! I am so happy
to hear from him ! AHH he is the best ! I sent him my ring
in the mail and he is going to buy a chain to wear it on
and that way I will always be right next to his chest and
his heart and also in his heart !!!! He is so awesome ! I
love him to death ! My song is on ! " cause your
everywhere to me ! And when I catch my breath its you I
breathe !!!! and when I close my eyes its you I see ! "
that reminds me of Adam !!!!!! hehe ! Read Adams journal
its called " St.Lunatic025 " ! I have to go ! I have
school tomorrow! My God bless you !
Love ya all