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2003-01-28 17:04:22 (UTC)

:-( life...

Can you imagine? Getting a phone call that your brother
will be a daddy any minute now, and just as the phone
hangs up.........it rings again.....your grandmother has
just passed away. I finally believe that when one is born
anther is taken away! This just happened last night to a
friend of mine, who I wont give names...... My heart goes
out to you..I cant imagine the mixed up feelings....

Now other then that.....I am on another kick where I am
trying to figure out how i can make some extra money...and
I have even let myself come to the idea that working at a
fast food place could be alright. Those of you that know
me....must think I am insane. Anyways....yea....I need a
place that can work with my hours at canadian tire...and
thats prolly the only way I can do it. Now....I could just
quit there all together and get a REAL job that has hours
and pays good.....but where do I find that?? lol

Ugh......so those are my thoughts so far today, and I have
only been awake for 20 minutes.... I'll write later.


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