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2001-09-17 01:59:42 (UTC)

Homecoming II

Upon walking up to Laci's door the night of saturday, the
15th, i felt nothing was there. I refused to let this
feeling of "complete, total, and utter" (Mr. Hitzeroth)
obsoleteness to emcompass me and ruin my evening. Dinner was
great. Filet, it was still moo-ing. Then the dance was
great, besides the fact that the dj kinda sucked. Being a
senior, the big boy, is totally different. So we left and
went to Kurka's house. Eventually leaving to take Laci and
Dane (Roxy's date) home. We get back and finish SPACEBALLS
we previously had started. GREAT MOVIE!!!!! anyways, dink
dink dink dink, dink dink, dink, dink dink dink dink. We
fell asleep around 3-4? i was out. It has been the longest
weekend EVER. But only so short. Oh, i also saw Liz for the
first time in forever. This was friday night after the
homecoming game, dinner, and hangin at pizza works. I
chilled with her, allen, and nick for a while actually. But
this weekend wasnt that bad. Just exhausting. And now im
retiring to my bed, even though its senior jip day tomorrow,
im going to school. Call me loser, i need to get good
grades. PEACE everyone.