muh diary
2001-09-17 01:57:50 (UTC)

1st entry-9/16/01

Hey! Its Jessica....9:47pm on sunday night (school 2marrow-
blah)But hey I get to see the cuties on my bus lol.For
those of you who dont know me,im Jessica- a 15 yr old
sophomore in HS from NYS (sooooo boring!)I have blue/green
eyes,blondish hair (I color it-my natural is brown...maybe
ill go back-who knows)about 5'6",and about 130 lbs....oh,I
have 8 piercings-3 holes in each ear,left cartilage and my
navel.Ummmmm I am a HUGE Adema & CrazyTown (rock) and
Britney Spears (pop-lol Monique!) fan-I also like/love
Linkin Park,Christina Milian,Limp Bizkit,etc. I know this
is borin but nothin exciting really happened today -sigh-
maybe tomarrow at school (yah right-our school is so
ghetto...we have caution tape for our 'soon to be'
bathrooms-as u can see, our school is under MAJOR
construction and wont be done till Jan 2002) But I guess
Ill write in this later sicne I gotta go get my stuff ready
for tomarrow-toodles! Jessica,aka Jesykah