Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-09-17 01:55:31 (UTC)

"family day"

Dad had the day off...first one in months. We went out to
eat at Friday's, saw Rush Hour 2, and then went to Wal-Mart
and Sam's Club. I got to use my birthday money Marv and
Shelly gave me specifically for a CD. There wasn't much to
choose from. First I was going to get Dream Street but
decided against it and got NOW 7. I've hardly had a chance
to listen to it cuz I've been yelled at to do this or do
that. Dad didn't talk much at lunch, and then seemed
really easily agitated when we had to make Erik's bed. I'm
afraid he might be slipping away--very slowly--into Mike's
state (sitting, not talking, just sitting around staring
off into space). But when I think about it, I realize that
he's annoyed by Mike's state of mind and kept running
around the parking lot outside of Wal-Mart so I think he'll
be okay for quite a while still.
Jordan and I went to the football game on Friday night. It
was fun aside from being called "grumpy-guses", "poncho
people" (even though we weren't wearing them!!!) and all
the other confusing stuff that happened. But we won
against PI 20 something to 0. I was really cold so Jordan
let me wear her mittens. I want some like them now! There
were a lot of people that I would have liked to talk to
more than I got to, but oh well...
Cat's not mad anymore! Yay!!! She didn't go to the movie
cuz it wasn't the one we thought. She called yesterday and
asked if I wanted to go at 4 but my parents said no. I was
bummed, but what could I do? I think it was okay with Cat
though...I hope!
Jamie's supposed to be back tonight but she called while we
were gone today and she'll either be in school tomorrow or
Tuesday. I tried her house a couple minutes ago. They
shut off the answering machine when they left I guess and
nobody answered when I called so I'm guessing it'll
probably be Tuesday. Ooh..."Let me blow ya mind"...I love
this song! Kaitlyn, you mentioned something about doing a
really long entry someday, well, I think this'll be mine.
I got PJs today! They're really cute: Joe Boxer pants that
are yellow with blue clocks and grey numbers on them. A
blue shirt with a flying clock on the front and yellow
cuffs on the sleeves.
We went to church today! I hadn't been there for a long
time...it was really nice to be back. Now we'll be going
every Sunday cuz I'm going through Conformation. But
that's a good thing. I want to go to Church! I want to be
in His house! I'm going to help plan the dance and
probably be a first grade catechism (sp?) helper which I
think will be fun even though that means Wednesday nights
this winter will be gymnastics practice, help with the
class and then go to my own class with 10 minutes total in
between. But it's a small sacrifice for the good that will
come out of it.
Wow, this is pretty long. I think. I'm not sure but oh
well. Yikes! "This I Promise You" is on this CD! Not
something I should listen to right before bed. I'd explain
but I'd rather not...I've pretty much forgotten that time
in my life. Not what I learned from it, but the heartache,
headache and other pains from it. Or at least I've tried.
Sorry Kaitlyn. You know what that's about, and it's hard
for you too, or it was. I'm over it though, I moved on a
long time ago, but it's still kinda sad to look back on.
But hopefully the future can bring good memories to that
song. And many others...