2001-09-17 01:50:16 (UTC)


Well, this is my first diary entry. Hopefully I won't get
lazy and not keep this updated. The last time I tried to
keep a diary was when I was in 4th grade. It was *really*
sad. But anyways, today was pretty much uneventful. Since
I had to work yesterday I didn't get to sleep in, so I
caught up on sleep today (I slept until 1:30) and wrote my
journalism article about how P.E. sucks. It's really quite
a masterpiece. My mom is still in the hospital from the
surgery she had on Friday. She's doing okay, and she
should be able to come home on Tuesday. I didn't do my
physics homework, and of course will have hell to pay as
usual. But physics and I just don't mix. I don't
understand it at all and I know now that it's too late that
I should have dropped the class the first week. Oh well,
as long as I get a B or above my parents won't have
coronaries and I don't have to worry about my GPA being
ruined. I don't really want to go to school tomorrow, but
whatever. I always manage to haul my ass out of bed when I
hear the dreaded sound of the alarm clock, so I'm sure I'll
do it tomorrow. So that's about it for today, and since I
don't want to do something stupid and cliched like
signing "Sincerely" or "Your friend" at the end like some
people do in diaries, I'm just going to stop talking.