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Nicki j
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2003-01-28 14:50:31 (UTC)

starting over

Hey I already have had a diary thing on this site but I
haven't wrote in it since before September!! I will tell you
about my life And since I don't know anyone on here that
would read this I will tell you everything.
I was born in Germany (My real dad was in the
millitary) Then when I was 3 we moved to Oklashoma, New
York, And then Michigan.. And that is where I have been most
of my life, dear old Michigan!!
My mom and dad split up when I was 4, then she met this
guy named Matt when I was 5 they started dating, when I was
about 7 they got married, when I was 11 Matt adopted me.
Now that I think about it I wish that he didn't!!!! they had
my little sister when I was 8 (Tiffany.)
About two summers ago I met my real dad for the first
time since I was 4. I haven't talked to him since...
Just last summer I moved out of my house me and my mom
got in this big fight about MAtt and she blew up and I ran
away for aweek. I came back to tell them that I would nopt
continue to live there no more... So now I live with my
Grandma, shes the best... Me and Matt haven't talked since
june, I told him 3 weeks ago that if we can't start geting
along then when it comes june I will go to the court and
make it so that he has no legal rights to me (Meaning he
won't be my adopted father no more) For the last 3 years I
have been trying to be a good christian but it's been hard,
through all of this crap in my life.... but I said to my
self I am starting over in life, be a good christian and be
a great person, and friend and girlfriend!!! Well I have to
go now, write back to you later, bye!!

Nicki J.

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