Simple Lies & Confusion
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2003-01-28 12:44:24 (UTC)

*%Related Lyrics%*

Well I thought that I would post some lyrics on here of a
song by TRUSTcompany. So here are the quick lyrics, read
them and I will tell you the relation thing that I am
talking about... I’m sure ya know actually!

"Slipping Away"

I won't let you down
The words you said to me
It's echoing the sound
Of what would never be
I'm standing here alone
The memories remain
The same familiar home
But nothing looks the same
And I'm standing here alone
Can't tell if I'm awake
Reality is gone
In a dream I can't escape
You said
Hold on
But I feel like
I'm slipping away
I'm getting through it now
I guess it's plain to see
That everything I am
Is not everything you need

Those last 3 lines; those are what I think about Trever
right now. I know that I shouldn't talk about him b/c I
should just let go and forget the fucker but I can't help
it that I love him! Why can't he just feel the same way
about me? I hate it SO MUCH! I sit around thinking about
him A LOT and he even over rides my thoughts of The
Perfect Jeff... I hate myself, sometimes I wish I weren't
even here so that I wouldn't have to feel this way and
hurt deep down where no one can see what I am going
through. I'm surprised that I haven't cried over him
again... I mean, as much as I think of him you would think
that I would be crying all the time. Then again if I’m
home I’m either on the net or sleeping. So I don't sit in
my room and cry and when I think about him I’m usually on
here or out w/ someone and I don't want to cry on people
so I keep it hidden away!!
ENOUGH! I am going to shut up about that kid and go do
something else. But I like that song I just can't D/L it
b/c it isn't available on WinMX so yeah... I will find
someone w/ the CD. Well I better go. I don't know who will
read this but who cares... I’m a freak! LATA! LUVS!

Rie Jo