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2001-09-17 01:24:07 (UTC)

What am I going to do with a cowboy? Love him...

"Whatcha gonna do with a cowboy when that old rooster crows
at dawn and he's laying there instead of getting out of bed
and putting on his boots and gettin' gone. Whatcha gonna do
with a cowboy when he says, honey I've got half the mind to
stay? Whatcha gonna do with a cowboy when he don't saddle
up and ride away?" -Chris Ledoux "What Ya Gonna Do With a

Thank the Lord. I wish my cowboy could lay in bed next to
me at dawn and just be there with me. Unfortunately that
isn't going to be happening any time soon with him having
to go to school on Sunday nights until Thursday afternoon.
I only get to spend time with him on Thursday nights,
Friday nights, and Saturday nights. Three nights a week.
That's the only time I am with the one who I am in love
with. It's hard when I never want to be apart from him. I
want to wake up with him beside me in the morning. *sighs*
I wish it could happen but I know it won't for a while. At
least we have our time together. It's better than being
alone and I do talk with him every day of the week. Still I
can't help but miss him and wish he were here so we could
hold each other... *sighs* I miss him already and there's
four more days until I get to see him again.