just me...
2003-01-28 11:55:24 (UTC)

*Father of my Heart*

sometimes i hurt You...
i turn away from You,
and close the doors to my heart.
i say things and do things
that i know make You cry...
i curse and i lie,
and i push You out of my life.
i laugh and i smile
because everything is fine.

then things come crashing down
and the world seems horrible to me.
that is when i turn to You...
and unlike the world,
You don't walk away.
tho i have hurt You,
and broken Your heart,
time and time again.
You embrace me, and love me like no other.
You forgive me like i've done nothing wrong.
You nourish my heart,
and lift my soul again.
You take this burden,
all my tears and all the heart ache,
and make them Your own...
all for the sake of me.

once again tho, i walk away.
i walk away from You...
whom has always loved me unconditionally,
forgiven me without a question asked,
and taken all my pains away.
i walk away and go about my life
as You sit back,
suffering my pain,
crying for the love of me.
i always seem to hurt You,
and always turn away...

You died for the world,
and You gave me new life.
You endure all my pain
all my heartache...
all my tears.
dear God up in heaven
above all the earth,
i love You dear Lord...
Father of my heart*

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