One hell of a life
2003-01-28 10:30:34 (UTC)

1-28-03 entry thirty seven

On Saturday Lois called me and said we were going to some
cocktail party with this agent guy. So she came and picked
me up in the van.

The place where it was was amazing. It was like a place in
Rome I'd been to, with these gorgeous little stony paths
and little orange trees and stuff. I'm taking my boyfriend
there someday.

And we got there, it's this thingy for models yeah, where
all the agents are (that was why we were there - to get
noticed) and soon as we stepped in there was this photographer
who was snapping pictures.
Anyway, there was this sponsored thingy about watches,
all these model girls and guys (around 18, 19) were
modelling watches on the stage to the music, "Work It" by
Missy Elliot.

So we hung there for ages (we got to go into the V.I.P room
and get free drinks all night). The room had blue floors which
were lit up and a glass ceiling, and Lois had this growing crush
on one of the waiter guys with blonde hair.

My phone kept ringing so we kept having to run back and
forth to the bathroom. People were just like, "uhh".

So the thing ended at 12:00 and we left a little earlier.

Today in maths, Ms. Many was a real bitch. I HATE THAT

She was all like, "blah blah blah you're grades aren't
improving...blahblahblah I'm sure you're dad isn't going to
be pleased at parent/teacher meetings..."

I mean, she couldn't have given me an earlier warning so I
had time to work on it could she, she had to tell me just
two weeks before the interviews so she'd have something
crap to tell my dad. He is going to pound me. Not literally.

I am absolutely SICK of guys. Especially 15 yr olds.
From now on...I want a guy who is mature. 16 or older. Guys
suck. They're so immature. I hate it, they just can't grow