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2003-01-28 09:32:32 (UTC)

**Perfect Guy or Just A Trick**

Yeah, this is about Jeff b/c the other night I was talking to him on
Yahoo and I showed him a picture of Marianne so that Brogan knew
what she looked like and if he would like Marianne and all that. I
guess he liked it. Then I was telling him how she didn't think that
he would b/c she doesn't think the highly of herself. Well Jeff was
like why does she say that or do that. So I was like well see, some
people aren't assured all the time that they are pretty, beautiful
or sexy. So they try to perfect the outsides. No matter how pretty
our insides are we still feel that the outside has to be just as
pretty! And we kept talking about why we feel like that and he was
like saying how he was attracted to my personality and all that and
I was like awwww, but w/ most people that isn't all that they look
for. Then he tells me this, that his brothers, sisters and him were
taught to look at the insides of a person and not what they look
like on the outsides! Isn't that like the perfect guy? One that
doesn't pay so much attention to what you look like more to what you
are like on the inside? When I told Marianne that she just about
melted. She thought that was the most perfect guy that she is
looking for.
So do you believe something like that? I mean I have talked to him
for like a month on the internet and we haven't gotten to meet yet.
I'm sure most people would think that you can't trust people from
the internet but I have met some great people that way so I tend to
trust people after I talk to them for awhile b/c I know that you can
be NE one that you want on the net but then there are people like me
who are myself on the net. I think that Jeff is himself, also, when
he talks on the internet. And I click well w/ him and that is what
makes me think that he is the perfect guy. He has a great
personality and he has nice looks and just everything and then he
tells me that he looks on the inside rather than the outside... WOW,
I think I love you! lol... not really love but ya know the
But Marianne and I want to meet them someday. They were suppose to
come down to the party the 1st but :( Jeff got in a lil trouble and
can't come down so we will have to meet another time. He is going to
call though, that night so that I can talk to him. I'll get to hear
is voice if he does that! YAY! :D I bet it's sexy!
Well I better head now since I don't have NE thing else to talk
about but Jeff right now. Oh and to my Megan, yeah I know you are
right and I just have a hard time letting go. I always have and
sometimes I think that I need to put my self through the pain to get
me over the person. I understand all that you told me. I always give
people advice like that but you think I can give it to myself and
listen? NO! That is where my problem is, I don't listen to my own
advice or the good advice that I am given! But I love you and I
don't know what I would do w/ out you! LOVE YOU!

Rie Jo

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