2003-01-28 08:52:23 (UTC)

Narcissistic ?

Narcissistic a term I know well.
I am the epitome of arrogance.
I am totally consumed with myself.
Self - love is such a wonderous thing.
I have become so self involved that I will only wear shirts
bearing my own picture upon them.
Is it wrong to be wonderful , especially when those around
you know just how wonderful you are?
Is it wrong to spend hours in photo shoots just for the
purpose of another shirt?
Is it wrong to become excited and sexually stimulated by
my own mere reflection in a mirror?
They say everyone in the world has a twin , if I ever meet
mine I'll fuck her/him! For how could I resist such sweet
temptation , as someone who looks just like me only she /
he is not?
Maybe my narcissism is something that in time will go away
or maybe it is a disease for which I need treatment?
I guess only time will tell.
But , there are worse things I could be then narcissistic,