Adam Wheeler

the book of rage
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2003-01-28 08:42:26 (UTC)

Morning Star

Dear Mom
Sorry Haven;t written to you in so long....things have
gone to shit tonight. Nana is sick she's in the Hospital
in maine Mom she's my morning star I think of her when I
wake up in the morning and through out the day she is my
evreything now that you are gone. Mom if somthing happens
to her, I don't know what I would do....Mom please watch
over her, I know that you will it's not time for her to go
not yet she's to young it wasn't time for you to go but I
can't lose you both I just can't....I'll fall apart. she
is my insperation in everything... kevin is doing
well...classes are doing well...DAD is doing ok....Mom I
miss you soo much please watch over NANA and keep her save
love you and miss you with all my heart