Spyderman of this century

the story
2003-01-28 07:47:54 (UTC)

movin again

ok, so last semester these bastards that run this school
made me move, and guess what, again this semester, i have
to move. i dont want to, but i dont wanna waste the 500
bucks to keep it all to myself. thats like the entire
summers worth of rent. so yeah, luckily one of the kids i
know from way back in the day is in the same sitiuation,
so im gonna move in w. him, atleast that way i dont have
to worry about havin a dickhead for a roomate. so yeah, it
kinda sucks, so i dunno what to say, i dont wanna leave my
floor, my friends. but its only 10 floors away, i can come
visit. besides, my new roomate goes to alot of house
parties, which are alot cheaper than the bars, so i can
hang w/ him there, have the same amount, or more fun, and
save some cash. well, i gotta quiz sometime tomorrow, so
im gonna TRY and get some sleep. soo much energy right now
though. dammmmmmm, eh whell, the compfort of my futon is
calling. NIGHT world