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2003-01-28 06:59:16 (UTC)

A New Start

This is Kasey! I'm a freshman at Mizzou. It's the
begining of my second semester (the winter semester) and
I'm totally lost. Not lost in the sense of not knowing
where you are, but lost in the sense of not knowing who I
am or what I want to do. So this diary is to help me
figure it out. Gotta write it down, cause keeping all my
thoughts in my tiny lil brain is getting too confusing.
So, here it goes.
I want to be famous. I want to act, dance, model, and
maybe even throw in some singing, (gotta get some lessons
though). The only problem is getting there. I don't know
how I am going to manage this. I go to school full time,
trying to work full time but the place I work relys on
labor a lot! so if we're not making enough money to keep
me, I get sent home. How am I supposed to make money that
way? I pay for college all by myself and that takes
everything I have. I can't go and get a new job because I
have to stay where I am cause I'm about to get promoted to
a manager. Course that might take a few months. For
anyone who goes to Sonic, tip your carhop. We are
waitresses. You only push a button to order. We make
you're food and bring it out to you while you sit on your
I was looking for a place to get pictures taken the other
day. You gotta hava a picture to send in with your resume
to talent agencies. It's gonna cost me at least $300.
Unless I can find someone who needs to take pictures just
for practice and wants me to be their model. I've got a
lot of beauty and natural modeling talent so I've been
told by photographers.
well, it's almost 1 in the morning and I've got studying
to do for tomorrow's class. I'll begin tomorrow where I
left off.
Love ME,

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