My life in a nutshell
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2003-01-28 05:32:18 (UTC)

Lots of stuff happened.....

Well, I had weigh in tonight. I lost 1.2 pounds... yay for
me! The only bad part is the fact that I told myself last
week that this week I would get my 5 pound star, but I
didn't get it.... by .2 of a pound! I'm sitting at a loss
of 4.8 pounds. I feel better already. Some of my clothes
already fit better! :-)
Anyway, I got my appointment change tomorrow. My doctor
has to go to a funeral tomorrow afternoon (scary!) and
since my mom is going tomorrow morning, I'm going to see
if they can squeeze me in at the same time. It's not like
it will take long. All he has to do is fill a piece of
paper out with a year's percription. I could even do that!
At swimming tonight, there was no instructor, so one of
the lifeguards taught the class. The weird part was, she
was better than any of the other instructors! I think that
she should teach the class because she makes us work
harder. She didn't know very much and although she would
watch the class when she was on duty, I bet it was hard.
She ended up making us do the rock climb three times...
the lenght of the pool! Oh well, it felt good... still
feels good!
Anyway, this is funny since I can kinda blame Mike for
this (not really, but it's always fun!), but today I
decided to read all of Mike's posts because I was bored.
Well, this was right before a class and I was about half
way through them and then I decided to check the time. It
was 10 minutes to class.. and I still wanted to get a
coffee... in the end, I was a bit late for class, but that
didn't matter since I knew what we were doing and I just
picked up where they were.
I can't believe I have so much to say for a day that was
so boring. Tomorrow will probably be the same. I might not
post since I really have to get some work done. I have a
test in Developmental Psyc on Thursday and I have review
my notes... fun! It's actually a good class, but a lot of
material in a short period of time. I'm still not used to
Anyway, this is all, I promise. I'll leave you all to your
boring lives now.... (they're not boring, I'm sure!:-) )
but yea...