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2003-01-28 05:11:22 (UTC)

I finally gave into the temptation...

Yea everyones ujournal i read is depressing so im gonan try
to lighten it up a bit. So yea life...its going. Had some
good times with Hartl this morning oh baby he is a nice
one "ooo yea i neevr get to see my students knees..this is
exciting" UMM WOAH!Yea then we were gonna walk to west...
hmm never happened. We sat in school and had some sexy guy
dressed in black stare at us. MMMM LICK THAT. Yea test was
bad but oh well. Then i saw Zach...oh god he was blazed.
Hmm came home talked to sam...sam is sick. I hope u feel
better sami :) I LOVE YOU! Then we were doing our little
rhyming thing not as much as other days though. Blah
nothing happened. Nicole called and everytime im on the
phone with her she seems to im certain people...she knows
what i am talking about. Had some an interesting sound
convo with JB....ha im using initials...lets see how many
people get the name....WHAT NOW BITCH?!?!? woah.... Had a
nice convo with and him bonded i guess? sure. ok
well i am gonna go watch my gay husband. Hahaha
laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttteeeee....ahhh i love it! haha

Laura- I love u I hope u feel better

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