jon's babie forever
2001-09-16 23:49:12 (UTC)

Nothing Major... Yet

*~Thanks to JellyBeans88 and Serena for the feedback! ^.^ ~*

Sorry I left you hangin' for a few weeks, but I haven't
felt like writing here. And besides, nothin major has
really happened... yet.

I know I said I was going to talk to Jon and see what was
up, but I couldn't get him alone. He seemed okay now,
anyway, so I didn't plan on asking him the question, "Is
everything alright?" Everything seems alright now. He's up
and about like usual.

Well, today I went to church and got invited to Cera's
sweet 16 birthday party in two weeks. Jon was also
invited... which surprised me because I didn't even know
they knew each other. No offense, but I hope Shanna is not
coming, because that way I could probably catch him alone
there to at least ask him how he's doing or something. So
that's why I say, nothing major YET.

I'm hoping something big will come out of it. I'm hoping
something good will come out of it.