you don't even know me so don't
2001-02-19 20:11:53 (UTC)

AAh well, it s vacation. I m..

AAh well, it's vacation. I'm really hoping it won't be too
boring. I am on Napster right now downloading the new
Weezer cd that doesn't come out until april. Exciting
right? I don't really have any plans for today besides
vegging out..and working out for a half an hour! Ha....I'm
starting to get back in shape I am determined this time!!
Yesterday, I saw the movie Sweet November! I advise anyone
to see this. I thought it might be cheesy but it was so
sweet. It made me want to fall in love!! But anyway, my
friend Miceala invited me to her birthday party thursday
night but I am not sure if I want to go. I can't really
trust myself with her. I always end up getting myself in
trouble with her cuz my parental units end up finding out
it sucks butt. But I dunno if my parents actually let me go
then I will probably go......well I'm gonna bounce now TTFN