CrAzY LiFe!!
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2001-09-16 23:41:35 (UTC)


Well I called Mark earlier then my dad started yelling
at me to get off so I told him I would call him back. So
like 30 mins later I tried and no one answered....So I
tired again like 5 mintures later and got the same thing!
So after like 30-45 mins after that he called me and we
didnt talk much about anything special. Hes getting sick.
He has a cold and he cant talk good I feel so bad 4 him. So
anyways we talked 4 a while then hes like well I'm gunna
finish cleanin (cuz he was cleaning his room) and hes like
and I'll call u back when I'm done and that like like
around 1:30 or so and its 6:30 now...does it take him like
5 hours 2 clean his basement up?? Oh well I just hope Hes
not thinkin second thoughts!!Who knows anymore though! I
really really like him!! SOOOO much! I cant wait till I can
see him tomorrow at school! I miss him already even though
I just saw him last night. I really wish I could have seen
him 2 day! Oh well I guess. I hope he calls sometime soon.
I wanna try 2 do something with him after school! I figured
out that he'll be able 2 drive when my b-day come along!
YAY! Hes in 9th grade and hes already 16. But he has alot
of facial hair already though. hes just so cute and hes so
sweet! But I think hes sorta square but we'll fix that!!
hehe well I'm gunna go sit around bein bored watchin movies
w/ Krista till he calls....Hopefully! Peace Out!!