Darkening Thoughts of Nevia Lexi
2001-09-16 23:32:00 (UTC)


Dear Kelly,

I am ok now. Just being so dementedly angry.

I hung out with Jamie. He made everything fun for me and I
was happy.

I did nothing much though. Just sitting around, lazing

Did you know what I did? I went to a lingerie shop and
decided to get a corset? Weird. I didn't got one but I was
darn to uncomfortable with the whole fact I went in there
to get one. I mean, my body ain't that bad.

The owner said that the corset was ok but she offered me
another choice that works as well as a corset.

She checked my waist and hip and I could say my hip was
like large. 37 inches! What the hell? I thought it as 32 or
something. My waist was a depressing 27 inches thoughh, and
I don't like this. Used to be 24 inches only 6 months ago.
I do need to control my eatings now, or do some tummy
excersice. Anyway... the corset would be useful.

Would like get this tiny waist and big hip.
Whoooohooooo.... Anyway, I didn't bought one because I
kinda finished my money to buy some things for the guppy. I
will buy it next month.


by the way- Phoenix was happy she got good results in her
exams. Cool. She is gonna spend some cash on us tomorrow.

Kisses. :-X