My Life
2001-09-16 23:29:47 (UTC)

Just Starting Out

Wow, ok this something new for me. I think I'm gonna make
this a place where I can vent my problems and try and keep
in touch with everyone I know. This is gonna be stuff that
I don't mind people reading. . . . Well, here goes. Hmmm,
today I went to this mother-daughter mass and brunch. It
was a nice mass (kinda long) but the food wasn't all that
great. Oh well. The entire female part of Morgan's family
was there. I love those guys. I had fun with them. Ha,
on friday I went to the CPS game and there were only four
girls there. Haha! Everyone else was at the Jesuit game.
Hehe. Anyway, we were suppose to go out to dinner
afterwards and after an arguement, we decided on Chili's.
I rode with Lenore, Morgan, and Maggie but it ends up, they
people told us to go to the wrong Chili's. So us girls
embarassed ourselves by making a big deal on how there was
gonna be at LEAST 12 people showing up. We made the
hostess push together 3 tables. So anyway, we waited an
hour and we kept telling our waitress, "Oh they'll be along
in a few minutes" Haha. No one ever came. No one.
Maggie's dad came and told us he got a phone call from
Maggie's brother and he said that there was 56 people at
the other Chili's. AAHHHH! Oh well, we probably had more
fun by ourselves than if we were with a bunch of other
people. The only bad part was that we used up only a third
of the table that was set up for us. We now refer to this
fun-filled adventure as the "Queso Monolouges." LOL. I
guess you had to be there. It was fun. Anyway, Saturday I
went to a wedding. It was fun too. I didn't go to the
reception, though. Mom went and said I probably wouldn't
have had fun anyway. I have been very deeply disturbed
with the plane crashes. On Tuesday night, I cried. But as
the week went on, I kinda ignored it, like it wasn't
there. I guess I don't face the fact that this REALLY
happened and the fact that there is a very real chance that
this could lead to war. To be honest I'm kinda scared. I
can honestly say that I've never been in a war before.:-)
Of course not! I'm only 15! But this whole situation
bothers me and I want to do something about it, but I can't
and that pisses me off even more. Another thing is that I
can't seem to talk about with my friends and I have no idea
why. Mom sent off the child support papers like a month or
so ago and I haven't heard anything about it yet. I wonder
if anything has happen and my mother is keeping it from
me. Starting last year, I've learned that music is rapidly
becoming a huge part of my life. It's kinda scary. If I'm
not singing I'm dancing or humming or whatever. Crazy. I
KNOW I'm driving people crazy. :-) I MUST have music
going while I do my homework or I get distracted. More on
that later. I can't believe I'm a sophmore now. I have no
idea on what I want to do when I get older. A little
disturbing. My career goals change like every day. I was
looking at my old middle school year books and I got really
sad. I miss everyone. I have lost touch with all of them
and I wish I could have written letters soon. I think my
problem is that I don't like to be forgotten. Another
insecurity of mine. Well, I need to go back to my homework
before I get grounded. Hopefully someone will read this,
and if not, oh well. -Love for all, Camille