*...Days Upon Days...*
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2003-01-28 04:18:41 (UTC)

27th* Un - Invited Guest

=( many practices, yet never an invitation... i wanna go
too! maybe he jus doesn't get the hint when i ask when his
band practices r gonna be..yeah it's so i can spend time
with him, but it's cool to spend it with him there too..i
don't even know one title of their song, and they have so

it's because i'm STUPID, yeah that's it, or i'm just
FAT..yeah that totally..or maybe cuz i LAUGH too
much..whatever..i'll never know...i never know anything...

::whining:: fine! i don't wanna go to your band
practices..EVER ..but i'll never get to say it cuz i'm
never asked to come anyway unless i "hint" at it

PMS? possibly..but I get to whine all i want so wha wha wha wha wha
wha wha!! ::sniff sniff:: andrea! hug me! lol ahhhh booo!

Fuck Finals!

** if u would like to join the BB club (BUBBLE BUTT)..then please
mail in a 10 dollar membership fee ..please contact ME, Jeremy or
BRYAN! haha, jk. **

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