In Shaddy's Shadow
2001-09-16 23:22:42 (UTC)

Fuck Philly,

I'm soo heated...well last night I called my boy Cliff
to see what he was doin.. He came by..we went and picked up
some trees for his lil Brother, we went to Phillys crib to
get it from My boy Tik... after that we came back to my
house & Rachel was there..we picked her up and went back tp
Philly's to get some more trees and then went to smoke a

When i got home Vinnie called me to see what was up with
me like he has been for the past month...but he's really
sweet..after Chris call...Rachel and Chris broke up soo he
didn't wanna talk to her..Me and Chris were talkin and then
all of a sudden he gives the phone to philly (BAD idea)..he
was bein an ass cuz he don't like me chillin with cliff but
u know what Fuck him..Cuz we were never goin out!..but he
was drunk as shit and busted out with some...

"Yo E.. you should come over so Me, You and Chris can have a 3-
some" i was sooo heated when he said that..i was like "i know your
ass has been drinkin too damn much cuz ur talkin like an ass!!"...i
started yellin at him like WOW!!...the last thing i said to him
was "FUCK you, you bitch ass nigga" ...i was mad cuz he gonna say
that and Chris is my best friends ex....I would never even think of
fuckin with him...I'm soo mad .

Vinnie called me today..i was soo happy to hear his voice...he
really wants to get back with..and i kinda wanna get back with him
too..I really love and miss him like crazy..I don't know i miss da
ass too..=o) ya know i girl gotta get hers too..well i'ma go for know
two cute niggaz walkin down my street..i need to stop messin with
guys until i get out of school..i don't need the stress in my life now