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2001-09-16 22:50:53 (UTC)

September 16, 2001

Well, another weekend has come and gone. It's not actually
"gone" yet, but close enough. It was a pretty crappy weekend
diet wise, but tomorrow is a new day and I am determined to
get to my goal so I can have my butterfly tatoo. I talked to
my mom earlier today and she says that she thinks this is
going to be a long war with many disputes and stuff. I think
that it is more likely to be negotiated, with a little
combat. I know my husband is scared that they are going to
start a draft. I really hope not, if he left for war I don't
know what I would do. It's just too scary. I know he wants
to run if that ever happens, but I bet they would find him.
I mean, where would we even run to? Well, anyways, I guess
that is all for now. Sorry this is so short and that I
haven't been keeping up lately, but things have been sort of
hectic. Oh, by the way, tomorrow I have to take in a stool
sample of one of my cats. He has had diarrea for like 2
weeks now and this morning there was blood in it. I really
hope nothing is seriously wrong with him. It is probably
just parasites or something. He had those once before, but
he never had blood in his stool before. Ok, talk to you

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