Inkubus Sukkubus

Drowning in the Darkness...
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2003-01-28 03:29:45 (UTC)

Oh no... here it is again. I need to know when I will fall in decay.

I came back from the beach and I realized that I was
sick... the doctor told me I´ve got hepatitis. Great... my
face is turning yellow and I act like a bulimic.
Besides this desgusting issue, everything is fine:
Yesterday I went to my bf´s house and he´s a lot better.
I´m glad about that. He´s really a sick person: When we
were leaving, he had to change his clothes because
outside was really cold and he made me
chronometrate the time it took for him to chage his
clothes. It took him ten seconds! He said he had learnt
that in the army... mmhhh sounds misterious to me ;-)
But I still love him.
Tzzzz! I feel yellow, sick and lonely tonight. And I´m
worried and don´t know why. I think I´ve got anxiety
disorder. The same feeling I´ll have 20 years from now
and counting, when I´ll be single and rotting or married
and waiting for my husband to come home from the bar
at 3 am.

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