Where am I?
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2001-09-16 22:43:56 (UTC)

In the middle of Nowhere

well, for the past week or so i've had this headache. i
think im just keeping to much bottled up. im so fucking
tired of everyone right now, including myself. i feel so
alone and as if no one wants anything to do with me.
friday i was having a fucking awful day and all i wanted to
do was go out. i call up some peops, but no i cant be
included in their plans. i understand when they are having
problems to give them room to vent or to just get away from
where they are, i just dont understand why i dont recieve
the same level of respect. oh well, fuck em.
my boyfriends been a real dick lately. hes supposed
to be there for me regardless, but hes too busy finding
other girls to be infatuated with him. im just venting
right now, because i do love him, he just pisses me off so
much sometimes. i feel as though he doesnt give a shit
about me anymore, and im questioning whether or not this is
the right relationship for me. i feel that i should be
treated how i want to in a relationship so i can be happy.
oh well.
last night i hung out with one of my exes. hes
changed a lot but hes kinda morphed into another one of my
exes. very disturbing. he was too touchy feely and i just
wanted to kick his fucking ass. but, it was good seeing
him still and having him to listen to me. i miss having
someone to listen to me, im always the one listening...
anyway...i have so much reading to do for school im
gonna jet...