Sarah's Journal
2001-09-16 22:26:25 (UTC)

I got "real" food!

So, today Aunt Carol, Grandma Krivenki, Kristen, and
Stephanie came up to visit. I gave them a tour of campus,
we went to the Butler, and we went to eat at Panera's. On
the way back to Cafaro, these people totally gave us road
rage hell and my aunt pulled over at a light and told them
they were assholes. They were driving like assholes,
though. If you don't want to be called an asshole, don't
be one. That's my policy =) If I ever get my license, I
vow never to drive like an asshole, at least not on purpose.
So, this whole single thing . . . I think I like it. I'm
still not over Nick, mind you, and I'm not sure when I will
be, and I'd take him over being single any day, but we've
been talking and I'm actually admitting to myself now that
he's not ready for what we'd have which would be a long-
term serious relationship. He's one of my bestest friends
and I don't want to lose that by being retarded and selfish.
Missy hasn't gotten back yet, at least I don't think
so . . . I hate that she and I are fighting. I hate that
she left and we didn't get to resolve anything. I miss
her =( I hope that we can hang out and watch some totally
cheesy girly movie, like "Beaches" or "Fried Green
Tomatoes" or "Now and Then" even . . . something about how
special a great friendship is.
I'm getting a little sick of all this terrorist shit.
I miss my mom and dad and sister and brother and doggies
and everyone else back home =(
I'm going gambling in Windsor in 6 days!!!!!!!!!
I think I have a new friend. Her name is Karen and she's
really cool, she's a freshman scholar. She "inspired' me
to keep a journal.
Well, anyway, I've babbled enough for the time being . . .