Dreamers Girl

girlz got it rough
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2001-09-16 22:23:17 (UTC)

i hate cody

well saturday nite me cody my cousin brian alicia and this
new kid allen went to the movie. Well this new kid allen is
just a sweetheart and then after the movies my and my
cousin were talking and he told me that the allen kid
thought i was cute. So then i really liked him but that
wasent even the bigginning of it cuz now i wanted to brake
up with cody. So then the next day i get this letter on my
friends e-mail that tells me bout this thing if i send it
to lots of people like 15 my crush would ask me out and i
think after it allen asked me out and cody broke up with me
so now I'm absolutely inlove with allen but i donno if i'm
going out with him hopefully i am hes so sweet.

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