Sixty*s World
2001-09-16 22:12:41 (UTC)

Sunday,4:00 pm

     So far today,I've done nothing. I woke up and laid on the couch to watch Flatliners. When that was over, I started watching Silence of the Lambs. About that time, my mom told me that my brother, Brandin and his little "friend", Natalie, were coming over. That led to a "Doesn't she have her own damn parents to go see?" whine fest that ended with my mom telling me she'd buy something if I would be nice to Natalie. They brought McDonald's which I assume is the evil workings of Natalie. Brandin knows damn good and well I'm a Burger Kind kind of girl. I silently ate my Fish Filet with disgust. I tried being a bitch to Natalie so she would get the hint that she wasn't welcome at my house. I guess she's alot more dumb than I thought. She asked for a cigarette and I told her if she'd get a job and learn to pay her half of their bills that maybe she could buy her own cigarettes too. I caught an elbow in the rib from my mom and then momma gave her one. The little retard didn't even inhale it. If my math is right, a $3.42 pack of cigarettes that has 20 in it should total up to about 17 1/2 cents per cigarette. She wasted 17 of my mom's cents by not inhaling. Plus, she intoxicated our lungs with second hand smoke. She's out to get us, I know it. I went to finish watching Silence of the Lambs in my bedroom. I gave up on the movie and listened to my Nothingface CD instead. I'm still trying to think up a way to bring down the bleached-yellow, midget bitch.

Current Mood: Violent