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2003-01-28 02:27:53 (UTC)

Cool stuff.

Hello. My name is Ashleigh and my parents are big fat
slackers. They rarely, if ever, do what they say they are
going to do for me. Theyre not really involved in important
things For example: Most of my friends'
parents are gung-ho into the college thing. they're on the
interntet, looking up schools for their kids, and taking
down vital information about scholarships and things like
that. My Parents? ahh no. they cannot afford to take time
out of their busy schedules and make an effort to help me
along with that decision. For another Example: At the
beginning of the year, all of the senior parents received
this big packet about graduation (where to order your cap
and gown, class ring, graduation announcements, senior send-
offs for the year book, and the like) in the mail. My
mother sifted through it casually, and then cast it aside,
thinking that she would have plenty of time to deal with it
later. WELL. later has come, my friends, and woops,
there "later" goes. I reminded her several times to fill
out the application for a senior send-off, but it "slipped
her mind" psh, yeah. so guess what? the discount deadline
was in november. she completely missed that one, but she
thought "oh, its okay, I can still make the January one!"
The final deadline was January 20th, and OOPS! she missed
that one too. I reminded her countless times, and she
missed it. yeah. so Im going to be practically the ONLY
person in the entire senior class who does not have a
senior send off. Now, I know that this may sound a
bit...well...trivial, and so what if it is. its the
principal of the thing. Graduation from high school is
supposed to be this huge symbolic happening in a person's
life - the bridge from childhood to adulthood, and here my
parents are treating it as though it were some stupid award
ceremony for kindergarteners or something. All of the cute
niceties that I am supposed to be able to enjoy are not
going to be there, becuase my parents are slackers. oh and
another thing! Senior Picutres are considered to be a big
deal, because well, theyre huge and in color and they have
a leafy background. I mean, you make an appointment at a
professional studio to get them taken. So I got mine taken
in the summer and they were....hideous. like the ugliest
things ever. and I told my mom to make an appointment at a
time that was good for her so that we could go and retake
them before the deadline to retake them had passed?
surprise, surprise, she didnt, and now I have a hideous
picture in the yearbook. I dont even know which one the
yearbook people chose to put in, becuase I didnt get to
tell them which one to put in. So basically, my senior
picture is C.R.A.P. (Cruelly Repulsive And Poopy) and, I
dont have a little send-off. cool cool. thanks mom and dad.