Sweet Nitemares
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2003-01-28 01:56:33 (UTC)


Hmmm... So, I flirt alot. not like it gets my anywhere but
still...I do flirt alot. Quite frankly at school i
basically molest and get molested by some of my friends and
it is all in good fun but to the outsider it wouldn't look
that good though i don't really care. I just wonder if I
have so much openess and sexuality in me why am i alone? I
mean I love the people i flirt with online and off but
still i am alone and I guess that is what it all comes down
to still...
I don't know... I am afraid of commitment but I want an
relationship? not only that I want one with either girl or
boy or both... *sighs* perhaps someday ... but for right
now I am gonna get through high school.


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