Down Azz Queen
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2003-01-28 01:42:02 (UTC)


I called Eric today and I dont know i guess i am Feelin
him! Kelly is over and done with I guess he hasnt called
me ! so I;m not wastin mah time.....Me and Eric's convo was
straight and i laughed a lil...I guess I need it since
Jentha was actin an ass and i was a lil upset!
Mah cousin scrowed me over to he was talkin shit behind my
back to a friend of mine...well she was mah friend! and u
know hes supposed to be mah cousin he told her that I am
makin him look bad cuz I like Jentha and that is supposed
to be his boy and shit! I dont get how that is makin him
look bad but whateva..... Mah good friend is havin problems
with her boyfriend kinda the same shit I went with , with
Gary I told her girl dont stress it u can do betta...
As I was coming home from school today I started thinkin
how all these niggas out here are mostly out for one
thing...Kahlid( a guy I WAS talking to) i liked him for
some reason maybe becuase he is fine as hell but hey looks
are not everything....Yeah but he only wanted me to fuck!
and for some reason i kept talkin to him even after I knew!
Aint i all messed up!
I am talkin to this kid RUBEN ahhhh hes fine as hell! we
met online! yeah but he lives in NY and I live in FL...I am
really feelin him and ya know he seems like he feels the
same way! I thought about the guys that I like and it seems
as if hes the only one that really stands out! besides Eric
but damn I'm really feelin him! i guess i dont know what to

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