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2003-01-28 01:21:35 (UTC)

2 Exciting Discoveries

Hello all you journal readers- Want to give a special
thanks to Mr. BrianheimerZITOschmitt all the way in Boston-
and yes I've read your journal and enjoy it much!
Okay so onward to my discoveries...As you all know the
Raiders got demolished on Sunday...I watching over at a
Superbowl Party in Peppercanyon Apptmts with my suitemate
Jessica and my buddy Paras. Jess and I decided to leave 2
minutes early being that the outcome of the game was
pretty obvious and that we had a shitload of work to do.
On our way through the apptmts we got hustled into a party
by a group of three study abroad Brazilian guys living in
the International House. It was very exciting- they had
couches and chairs out on the lawn and people were
spilling out of their apartment. Everyone was super nice
with very exotic accents. So Jessica and I thought to
ourselves screw the DOC paper, let's research ethinic
studies. So we set up foreign relations for mostly Italy
and Brazil- The Italian dude had a tattoo on his face- on
his cheek near his jaw bone...and i never thought i say
this, but it was kinda sexy-like! Anyways so they asked
for my cell number..maybe we can get some good party hook
ups now....Thus my first discover- The I House is a
debaucherized learning environment where one may partake
in cultural extravaganzas while meeting hot men with
accents....Second discovery- the Co-op store is pretty
cool and i reccommend taking a trip unless you harbor
bitterness towards vegans or vegetarians or feel disdain
towards healthy, natural foods- I bought banana soy milk,
pitas, and hummus...very excited to give them a try...so
i'm checking out for now- i've got gymnastics soon-
woohoo, yeah cartwheels- talk to ya all later and feel
free to leave me a message- they make me happy!