A Day In The Life Of Sam
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2003-01-28 00:52:57 (UTC)

I Call It...MONDAY

Yo! ok yea i literally was REALLY bored and guess what u
have no life bc if u did then u wouldnt be readin
this...but oh well..lets see...what happened today? i
pissed another person off w/ my smart ass ways...they jus
dont know me...o well it was funny as hell and cant wait to
do it again. yea jen broke up w/ Matt for me..damn i tried
to make it but relationships me = sammi moves on in
life...who sure one day sum dude will come along
that is worth my time. but as of now these little boys are
just annoying. like when me and jen went to wal-mart and
these little boys were yelling, "hey baby let me get them
digits.." and of course me being me couldnt ignor it s i
said...WAIT TILL PUBERTY LIL BOY...and we went on with our was a nice little really it
was...well i gotta go check and see howw many pissed off
emails i have bc of that chain letter i made last
nite..lmao..buh bye u guyz!!

....dont ask cause u prolly dont wanna know....