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2003-01-28 00:51:26 (UTC)

my life

Hmm....Let's see.....I'm new at this and this diary thing
is confusing the shit out of me so bear w/ me just for a
little bit.Well,I'm Brandy, I live in Okeechobee Fla.,I'm
16 and have to take anger management classes...isn't that
some shit?Now I know 50 Million people will read this so
I'm gonna start out very nice, cuz you know, I am nice
lol,NOT.Any ways I have a very busy life,I go to
school,then after that I go to softball practice for 2
hours,then,I have to go to work every other day,plus I have
my friends to tend to...bwahaha >:-}lol it's so crazy
because right when my best friend Bina and I get out of
school we sit on the corner of her house (she lives on a
very busy street)and we throw rocks at old people as they
walk I know its kind of childish but who cares
it's my life right?Anyways,on with my life....I have two
best friends Bina and Jordan...they're both awesome as
hell...Jordan drives a nice ass Explorer Sport-Trac..(I
must admit..I am so damn jealous of that girl it's not even
funny)well, we went out I think it was two weekends ago and
had lunch, went to the mall, and hung out......we were
thinkin of going to the beach but it's too damn cold to go
almost anywhere.So when we came back Jordans boyfriend
calls us to go to this thing where they put out fires for I have no damn clue to what the name
is,anyways because he is a volunteer firefighter, so we
went up there and stayed for like 2 hours watching men put
out was soooo interesting to me..*not*.I think
Bina had a blast because i think she got about 3
firefighters numbers (that damn hoe)Now me...I didn't get
any because dirty stinky sweaty men in oversized fire suits
do not make me any more attracted to them than I already
am...actually..when u think of it,I'm not attracted to male
almost at all.well anywayz I'm tired of writing to this
damn thing....I'll prolly write some tomorrow if you're

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