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2003-01-28 00:17:22 (UTC)

Todaywas.... i guess just today

Sorry I didn't write yesterday i was pretty busy with
work, sleep and the game. Too bad Oakland lost, but oh
well. Yesterday was a great day, i had a good night b 4
with 2 good friends. But i only got 40 minutes of sleep,
and had to be at work at 6 A.M.. That sucked, but i got
through that ok went home slept and watched the game.

Today was a pretty good day, nothing exciting, but
just an ok day. I don't really have much to say today,
but i gues i will talk tomorow,
Tip of the day: Relationships in highschool take too much
time, cause too much stress and hold ya back in the
suposed to be fun part of your life. Don't waist ur time
unless ur sure u will end up friends at least in the end.
Song of the day: Comfortable by John Mayer