Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
2003-01-27 23:19:39 (UTC)


Today was so boring! I had to go into school at noon for
an exam. Then I had to fricken work for like eight hours
it was so boring! Winter Weekend was last weekend it was
so much funn. Everyone looked so cute. My dress was black
it looked wicked good ( so I was told)Yet again we went out
after to Freznos. I was stuck with the bill again. I really
wish people would just pull ten dollars out of there pocket
and getit done with! Guess who showed up? Clint. i was like
omg why is he here. I literally jumped up out of my seat. i
would have went up to him but all of his friends (my
neighbors) were sitting with him. I think my heart jumped
up into my throat and i wouldnt stop shacking for like a
half an hour. I got my nails done and its such a pain in
the azz to type with. I was watching the Superbowl and
fell asleep the last twenty minutes. I was so pissed! When
I found out Tampa won that jsut pissed me off even more. i
loved when the Raiders scored in the third quater, it was
so awesome. I think I am still sick, I want to go to the
doctors so bad! lol I cant wait until Friday to see Jon. I
havent seen him since last Friday I miss him so much. . . .
I'm wicked excited in April I get to go down to Balitmore
to see family I really cant wait!!! well I really cant
think of anything eles to put so later!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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