A LiL WanKstaZ LiFe
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2003-01-27 22:40:55 (UTC)

Aint No True Friends

Ok so i'm chillin rite on saturday wen suddenly i
recieve a fone call 4rm my homeboy Prashant...2 find out he
tells me dat my ex slept wit my best friend...Of course me
like alwayz I don't believe him so I jus ignore wut he
sed...So den later on I go online and I see my "bestfriend"
online and I told her (only joking around) dat I had
already found out about her having sex wit my ex jus 2 see
wut she wuld I didnt trip about it cus see i
thought she wus jus gonna tell me it wus a rumour or a lie
or sumthing...den she hits me up and she tells me dat its
true and dat my ex had forced her 2 doit but she didnt want
2...BULLSHIT!!! Nobody culd force sum1 2 do sumthing they
dont want i got really mad and upset and me like
alwayz i started dropping tears and i told her our
friendship wus over...i mean she wus like my bestfriend tha
one person dat i trusted and told all my shit 2 (besides my
cuzin)she knew how madly in love i still am wit him and she
fucked me over by having sex wit den later she
tells me dat it wus jus a joke and dat she neva fucked him
she sed she wus jus testing my trust 2 see if i actually
trusted her which turns out i dont!! She sed she had talked
wit my ex and they planned dis out 2 pull a joke on
me ....SUM FUCKING JOKE!!! So now i'm like confused i don't
kno wut 2 believe i mean she admitted 2 doing it at 1st and
den she tells me its a lie...WTF!!! I'm so confused i dunno
whether 2 believe her or not wut wuld u guys do if u were
in my place??

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