Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-16 19:28:28 (UTC)

Call it what you want !

Hey everyone!
Sup ? Not much here ! I just got back from the mall ! My
mom took me cause she was afraid that I was going to meet
some guys ! Whatever ! She is crazy ! haha ! I just
checked my message box and I got a message from Adam ! :)!
here it is
"Hey baby! how are ya? im okay. I've missed you soo much, a
day without knowing how you are, and without talking to you
is like a day without the sun. I need you in my life. sry i
havent been on i had a friend down from missouri and we've
been chillin. sry.! well angel i gotta go for now. Love you
always. Whenever i close my eyes, its you i see!!"
Oh my heart ! He is just the coolest !
Ok today at the mall I got the belt I have wanted for like
the past 2 months ! The Coke Bottle Cap Belt from the
Buckle ! hehe ! I am so happy ! It is so kickin ! I also
got some pants for gym class and a shirt for school! So I
have a little bit of money left but not much ! Oh Isra if
you are reading this Sorry that I didn't call you my mom
wanted just her and I to go to the mall as a sort of Mother
Daughter thing ! gag ! That was a load of shit ! She told
me she hated everthing I tried on ! Oh well screw her !
haha ! Ok well I have to go cause I have to eat !!!!! I am
like so hungry !
Love you all !