my life, my love and my happiness?
2003-01-27 22:28:46 (UTC)

Exams Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

ok so i had am exam at 8 this morning and i think i
acually did good on it. it was my math mid term so.....
then me and jess went up to jiffy and she heated up her
pizza and yeah we ate there and then we went to nick
duponts and we woke him up and talked to him for like a
1/2 and hr then went back to school at 11 and studied with
mrs.blostine then went out side and had another cigg and
then went in and took the math A. yup i failed it again
but oh well what the fuck am i suposed to do about it. i
can not studie on my own so... and mr. zhender didnt teach
us everything that was on the test. yeah ok so i am going
out with maria and nikki later and we are going to the
chinese buffet and to wal-mart to pick up her pictures...
cant wate to see what is on the rolls we droped off....
haha still pics from prom on there so it should be
interesting. after prom i mean!!! lol. and i just got done
changing shit around on my profile and yeah now i am
talking to rich. and it is fuking cold every were. even
inside it is cold. berrr it is like 20 below. i want it to
be one is really in to the whole snowboarding
thing this year so i never go up. i better get my ass in
gear b/c i gotta use up thses passes it was my x-mass
present andi dont wanna wast them!!! i know i am gonna
though. kinda shitty but what ever. i am so hungery i
think i am gonna go find some food. later im out!
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i just got back from the chineses buffet and wal-mart. oh man we
had so much fun! we went out to eat first sooooo good. i ate mad
food and i was choking on a piece of rice for like 10 min it was so
funny we were making such a scean and everyone was looking at us i
was llaughing so loud! and then maria choked on a piece of rice too
she coughed it up and it was so nasty but it was great... then
nicole was choking on water not god at all. i was like you can be
coughing you got a baby in there. haha we had so much fun i havent
laughed that hard in so long. i was crying i was laughing so hard
tears were like poring down my face. then off to wal-mart we went.
we got marias pics and there wasent as good of pics on the infimouse
camera as we thought there were gonna be but what ever. and there is
a really good pic of my sucking on marias bowl and i got my glasses
on.... they look really good on me. damn. and it is so fucking cold
out it is like an escimo pie! haha oh my cock!!!!! and we were
looking at baby stuff fo a really long time and then we were looking
at summer stuff and maria tried on some shit she got a really cute
outfit and yeah i cannot wate to go back tomarrow with my mom
wohooo i love wally world!!!! and yeah.... i am so bored and i and
hipped as hell and there is noone on for me to talk to. i havent
talked to jay in 2 days oh man!!! ok so ummmm........ now i am
watching CSI miami this show is great! kinda gross though dead ppl
and shit. i dont know about all that. they are all up in these funny
looking suit things.ughhhh im am getting chills!!! haha. i wanna get
wasted so bad. oh and the whole jessie bradfers thing i really wana
knw why they want me to hook up with him so bad... what is the deal
guys i am not gonna go out with him. ok i will be back to tell of my
adventers in a little while. gotta go find something to waste my
energy on. man i wish there was some one here to waste my energy has beed a while... a long while.... oh my fucking
cock!!!! damn i need i cigg brb!
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