of the last

of the last
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2003-01-27 22:19:27 (UTC)

been a while

and i sink to an all time low as i sit here and think about
my friend negatively. but maybe its cause i went through
something of what shes going through now back in freshman
year. my good friend erica is a confused confused girl. she
is basically trying to all of a sudden stop being a
completely pop princess who liked avril lavign and other
crap on mtv. shes trying to convince others that shes a
punk or emo. i say bullshit. first off in my opinion, its
hard to label yourself as something. i mean you can think
of yourself that way i guess, but to just be like im a
punk, im emo, out of no where just doesnt work. pretty much
others have to consider you to be something for you
actually to be something. and shes not fooling anyone. all
this pop punk and crap thats formulating is making me sick.
well not only pop punk, but pop goth, pop anything that
changes people. when something becomes slightly popular.
then comes the rush of converts who just basically change
in mid stride toward another direction. i mean dont get me
wrong sometimes the music made isnt bad, but just when the
people who never even thought one way, all of a
sudden "turn punk" or just think they can just like snap
their fingers and be a punk. its crap. when nirvana became
pop, there was a huge flush of pop grunge where people who
were stuck in shit 80s and early crap 90's thought "so this
is popular now, maybe i should all of a sudden become this
to be cool" there are other examples of rushes of one type
of life to another. i mean if you see somethign you like,
or hear some music you like, then sure you can listen to
more and more of it, and slowly become it if you ACTUALLY
believe in the stuff instead of popping it.

my point through this entire rant is one of my main points
always. it doesnt matter who you are labeled as, pop, punk,
goth, prep, emo, or whatever the hell you wanna make a
stupid friggin label for, it doesnt matter who you are,
just as long as you are who you are. i accept people as
long as i can tell who they are, not who they want to be.
and i think its the same for anyone who has any idea of
whats going on. as long as you are who you truly are,
insead of wishing you were someone else. you can always be
there for yourself and those you consider friends, even if
otehres are confused.

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