The UnEven Eye
2001-09-16 18:48:04 (UTC)

Sundays. Bleh. Fuck you too. sorta.

Thanks, For the advice! I will think on it. See if can
help me out. I hope it does. *nods*.

Lets see I went to church. That was another snore.
Gah. Talk about more eventful things. I need something
to do better in my life. Boo Ya! doesn't always work.

Well. I guess, It seems I need help people once more.
Though, I keep that happy face, I wish to say "
Why, me?" "You don't need my help, nope, get a doctor."
oh well, doctor Justin, here to be at service.

Lets see. Can you divorce your parents? I hope so.
They can't accept the fact, I belive differently. I
mean, I AM DIFFERENT. I wish they could see that, so
blind sighted, idiots. Micket's not here to play a
nice role, of "fatherly supporter". Just one more day.

Well, thats about it. I think. Nothing better to do,
Maybe go rp I guess. YEA. BYE!