My life in a nutshell
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2003-01-27 21:40:37 (UTC)

Just a thought....

Okay, just a quick note.... you know how hard it is to
study when you can't get a certain someone off your mind?
It's driving me crazy and there's nothing I can do about
it. That and for some strange reason, it's bugging me that
Mike hasn't posted recently. I know he's busy and I
shouldn't even be concerned about it, but I am. Not in the
way I usually am though... just in a "geez, I wonder why he
hasn't posted recently..." kinda way. At least I'm not
spazing about it!
Well, I better get back to studying... I have about an hour
and 20 minutes before my class today.... lol. I'll try not
to skip again, k?


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