listen to my silences
2003-01-27 21:27:56 (UTC)


that's right raiders fans. forty eight to twenty one.
sucks for you.

my favorite parts of the game: the last two minutes in
which the buccs had two (count them two) interceptions and
ran them to the end zone.

then there was the budweiser commercial, which has got to
definitely be the best one. the one with ozzy in it was
kind of funny too. and the one where one of the buccs
players was in an office tackling people who were
slacking. now there's an incentive for hard work. lol.

oh and what about the announcer's comment when coming back
from a commercial (i think it was right after the first
quarter...whenever the buccs were up by ten): "and now back
to the superbowl where the raiders, the team who invented
losing, are playing against the buccs who have a ten point
lead." ouch.

and the other comment when the raiders quarterback, after
completing several passes to the buccs (forget which team
you were on bud?) threw a pass out of bounds (not even
anywhere close to being in bounds near a raider): "and
though the pass is out of bounds, he still completes it to
a buccaneer." what's worse is that the guy wasn't even on
rhe field, he was standing on the sidelines.

anyways i had a good time at the superbowl party here on
campus. i won a dvd (rudy) and a superbowl mug/cup thing
(it's big like a mug but it has a lid and a straw, i guess
you call it either a mup or a cug. i like cug.) and we all
got squishy footballs. we had rating cards for the
commercials (the budweiser one had tens all around, as did
the preview for the matrix. the ozzy commercial got nines
and the office commercial with the buccs player got a mix
of nines and tens.) and we started rating plays too. most
of the people there were raiders fans. and i was the only
girl there for the whole thing. one was there till the
first quarter and one was there for the second half. the
guys were all impressed and stuff. it was fun. met a lot
of new friends. lost a whole bunch of games of pool. all
in all quite a good time. i saw one person there that i
already knew named alex after the third quarter. he and
his girlfriend came over and we talked for most of the
fourth until the last two minutes. he was a raiders fan.
he kept trying to tell me that the raiders were going to
surprise us. there was a shot of k. johnson biting his
nails. alex was like see he's nervous. i said nah that's
just a bad habit. i do it all the time. just watch. soon
after that they made the first interception of the last two
minutes. oh those last two beautiful minutes. in which
the buccs already had the game and they just put the
raiders in agony with those two interceptions.

final thought: just goes to prove that it's better to have
the number one defense than the number one offense.