sTePh'S wOrLd
2003-01-27 21:26:44 (UTC)

Feeling lonely :(

This is my first online journal entry, and up until now, my journals (diaries) have always been personal. I just felt that it was about time that I shared my boring life with others, because who knows maybe someone can help me out. First off, I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I'm living at home with my parents, I'm 18 years old, a female, not working, and not in school (presently), and I have a boyfriend. The only thing is that he lives like 3 hours away, so that's hard. Well, ever since two nights ago, I've been feeling very lonely. I was extremely lonely last night. I laid in my bed, alone, and just cried my eyes out. I realize that this isn't the end of my loneliness, that loneliness will always be there, no matter what. It just hurts me a lot. I know that I need more friends, I mean I'm not some weirdo or anything. It's just that because I'm not working or going to school, I'm not really out in the world long enough to make friends. I know that I need a job really bad. I could help my parents out with money as well, which would really help. I live in upstate, ny and don't have a car, so it's very cold out to be looking/going to work. I hope that I can just get up the will-power to go out looking. That's enough for now. I do feel a little better that I wrote.

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