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2003-01-27 20:50:08 (UTC)


Here I am off to dance again! It seems like I am always at
that place! And here again I am waiting for Richard to call
me! It seems like I always wait for him to call me. I feel
like when he forgets to call me when he says he will, that
he is forgetting about me?? I dont' know what to think??
Maybe, he does forget to call me, but he isn't forgetting
about me? It juss doesn't make sense. I love him, but I am
not sure at times. I am hoping that Mallory and Frankie
both do this diary thing, cause I love reading peoples
business. I think I am gonna go and get ready for dance.
But if people would juss put some lil' comments here that
would tell me what I should do! I would really appreciate it!


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